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27 Apr Car Seat Safety 1

We take an in-depth look at car seat safety, an extremely important topic for parents of young children. Different style seats are for different child age groups and seat positioning. It is important to make sure your child has the right seat. Put safety first...

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27 Apr 2018 Volkswagen Golf

A facelift and some new driver technology keep the 2018 Volkwagen Golf competitive in the hot hatch and compact car segments. From the headlights down, the exterior has a new design, providing refinement to the already well-appreciated Golf. The 2018 Golf will also offer a...

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27 Apr 2017 Nissan Armada

We put on 4,000km on our Nissan Armada and were quite impressed. The highly spacious and comfortable Armada made provided us with a premium driving experience with minial compromise. The AWD system on the Nissan Armanda was on-point and did not disappoint even thorough snowy...

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