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01 Feb 2017 Ford Escape

For 2017 Ford has introduced a major refresh for the Escape. Most of the design cues on the front and back have been changed. The front end now has the hexagonal grille that is seen across the Ford family and it looks like the Edge...

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01 Feb 2016 Ford Edge Sport

Like most of you, I was always told not judge a book by its cover. However, the Ford Edge Sport is one vehicle that it would be ok to do so. As Dan described, the Sport trim actually looks, well, sporty. The blacken grill and...

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10 Jan 2017 Ford Focus RS

Ford's new Focus RS is a game-changer in the world of hot hatches. The RS is bold, powerful, and stands out from the base Ford Focus. Its sportier profile and trim will certainly catch the eyes of those looking for an alternative in the sport-compact...

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