2016 Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe

08 May 2016 Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe

2016 Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe

In this First Drives Segment we review the 2016 Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe.

Sleek, sensuous and self-confident. What defines a Mercedes-Benz coupe is not just its body but its soul. And when an SUV wears the Star in its grille, it reveals both a depth of character and an unmatched breadth of capabilities. With an aggressive stance and muscular shape, the GLE Coupe is an entirely new breed of thoroughbred performance vehicle. Its driving dynamics are agile, powerful, and brilliantly sporty. Its accommodations are generous, refined and thoughtful. The GLE Coupe unites two rich legacies and thrusts them boldly into the future.

ABOUT THE 2016 Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe

From its wide mesh grille and central Star, to the tensed arch of its roofline and horizontal taillamps, the GLE Coupe is a new expression of thoroughbred performance. AMG lower body styling, a twin power-dome hood, and gloss black trim elements reveal its sporting heart as well.


Driving Television provides quick vehicle specification for reference only. Please check with your dealership for more accurate information.

Specifications are based on a 2016 Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe BASE, this is not necessarily the same model reviewed in our episode.

  • ENGINE: 4MATIC All-Wheel Drive
  • MAX TORQUE: 457 lb-ft
  • ECONOMY HWY: 8.2L/100 km
  • CURB WEIGHT: 2,900 kg

  • MAX POWER: 249HP
  • ECONOMY CITY: 10.4L/100 km
  • ECONOMY COMBINED: 9.3L/100 km
  • SEATING: 5
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