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2017 Honda Civic Hatch part 1 | Canadian Car Reviews | Driving Television

2017 Honda Civic Hatch part 1

20 Nov 2017 Honda Civic Hatch part 1


By Lacey Elliott

In a previous life, I owned a great little white Honda Civic hatch.  I drove the crap out of it!  I am pretty sure that when I  sold it, it had close to 400,000km on it. Having the extra cargo space gave me the option to take more road trips with my friends.  Can you believe this – we have not seen a Civic Hatchback since 2000.  Suddenly, that though has made me feel old…


Hatchbacks are the way to go if you need more space than a traditional sedan offers. With the seats folded down, the Civic Hatch gives you about 1300 litres of cargo space.  This is similar to some SUV’s out there, but you don’t have to sacrifice the actual size of the vehicle for all the room. A great idea if you are a single or couple living in a city and still want to be able to go on some adventures.

The available skirt package is just one more way to make it look unique and sporty! The exhaust was also designed to add some style… and performance as well.

Honda has absolutely nailed the interior fit and finish.  The materials throughout the cabin are top notch.  Sitting in the drivers seat with my hands on the wheel, every touch point feels like it is of the highest quality.

Speaking of touch points, Honda has most of the controls being managed through the available seven-inch capacitive touchscreen.  Air conditioning, navigation and music can all be operated through this system.  It works well and the overall operation is responsive to my touch, but I really miss having a volume knob.   Instead of quickly turning down the volume at the drive—through window, you have to slide your finger down or repeatedly tap the touch screen.  Yes, you can use the controls on the wheel instead, but same issue, you will need to hold the button down for several seconds to adjust the sound.  I know I am not the only journalist to complain about this so I am hoping this will be changed in the next generation Civic.

I am one of those people who always have a bottle of water or cup of coffee in my hands.  Having a place to keep both of them and is easy to reach can make or break an interior for me.  The Civic has a holder in the door and two in the centre arm rest. This means I can have both my drinks and so can my passenger.

The centre console also features a two-tier storage compartment that allows the ability to  plug in your phone or other electronic devices and run all your wires through a hole.  It makes things look cleaner and won’t clutter up this gorgeous interior.  It is some of the small details like these that make an entry level vehicle like Civic so popular.



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