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2019_Nissan Leaf_Plus | Canadian Car Reviews | Driving Television

2019_Nissan Leaf_Plus

13 Jun 2019_Nissan Leaf_Plus

With their Driving Innovations, Nissan is reinventing driving. The 2019 Nissan LEAF® PLUS has been upgraded with a new battery pack that provides more range and power. The 62 kWh battery and a 160 kW electric motor will produce 214 hp, 250 lb.ft of torque and will give up to 362 km of range. Charging on the go with public DC Quick Charging is fast. At a 100 kW DC Quick Charging station, the battery will charge to 80% in 45 minutes. 80% charge is also achieved in 50 minutes at a 70 kW DC Quick Charging station and in 60 minutes at a 50 kW DC Quick Charging station. A 100% charge via 240-V home charging will take 11.5 hours. Zero emissions, savings on fuel and oil changes as well on maintenance makes this innovation from Nissan a winner.

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