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25 Apr Autoglym

Small specks of iron are the fallout from industry and heavy vehicle use and many of these appear as black or rust coloured spots on paintwork. The biggest cause of these spots is brake dust which is the result of brake pad wear. This contamination should be removed however they cannot be washed away with ordinary soaps and shampoos. Autoglym Magma contains active ingredients that react with the iron particles and safely washes them away. The application is straightforward and easy. First, wash your car with a high quality product such as Autoglym Foaming Car Wash. Remove any excess water then spray liberally with Autoglym Magma. After a few minutes, the Magma will turn red as it reacts to the iron particles. Simply agitate the Magma with a soft cloth or sponge then rinse thoroughly. The product is PH neutral and will not harm the wax on paintwork and with regular use, Autoglym will help to keep your vehicle looking its best.



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