Driving Innovation – Nissan Rear Door Alert

20 Nov Driving Innovation – Nissan Rear Door Alert

Whether it’s a child, a pet or a package, you don’t want to forget anything in the back seat and Nissan Rear Door Alert will help to reduce your concerns. The technology monitors the rear door switches and will detect if a rear door was opened/closed before the start of a trip and if it was not opened after the trip was completed. If the car is in park with the ignition off and the rear door is not re-opened, the system will notify the driver via a series of notifications starting with an alert on the instrument panel, to distinctive honks of the horn. As there are times when there is no need for an alert, the system is configurable to disable the alerts temporarily or permanently. This first-of-its-kind innovative technology from Nissan will help to ensure that nothing is ever forgotten in the back seat.

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