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Ford F-150 Raptor 2018 First Thoughts | Canadian Car Reviews | Driving Television

Ford F-150 Raptor 2018 First Thoughts

02 Feb Ford F-150 Raptor 2018 First Thoughts

By Lacey Elliott

First Thoughts

I like this truck, I actually like it a lot.  That being said, most of the things that I enjoyed while behind the wheel of the Ford F-150 Raptor are all the, non-truck things.

If you like attention, then this is the truck for you.  I had several men go out of their way to stop and ask me about it. What surprised me, however, was the two women who commented it on it as well.

This is not your father’s old F-150.  The FORD badging domineers the front grill and gives it an almost toy like appearance.  ‘Almost’ is the key word in that last sentence, because everything else about the truck screams badass.  Compared to the rest of the F-150 line up, it is wider and has higher ground clearance.

The interior is just the same as other Ford trucks.  I have learned over the years that trucks tend to be overwhelming to me since I am not much of a ‘truck guy’.  My daily driver needs are simple in that I just want to feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Ford has succeeded in finding a balance of both function and comfort for the interior.  Overall, I do find that it has a bit more of a ‘work truck’ feel to it.  Large knobs, oversized buttons and even a massive gear shift in the centre console.  It all looks and feels as though it was designed for big manly hands or working hands with gloves.

There was a massive amount of storage space, including two deep pockets beneath the door handles, a shallow pocket on the dashboard, and a huge centre console that can almost hold my entire purse.  The storage under the seats is a clever idea for hiding valuables from view.  And of course, a fully-flat rear load floor gives you even more space to easily load large objects.

Black leather with colour matching carpet and floor mats look sharp.  Black-on-black was everywhere and looked phenomenal.  For an additional $950 you get grey with orange carbon treatment.

Check back next week to see how this beast handled on my day to day driving.



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