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The Green Road - Toyota D4-S Injection | Canadian Car Reviews | Driving Television

The Green Road – Toyota D4-S Injection

20 Nov The Green Road – Toyota D4-S Injection

Direct Injection 4 Stroke Gasoline Engine Superior Version or D4-S Injection, comes down to the efficiency of fuel sent to the chamber and how much of the gas is burned.  Engines equipped with D4-S combine direct and port type fuel injection that achieve better fuel efficiency, increased engine output and reduced emissions. According to engine load, the engine management decides which of the two types of injection to use or whether it should use both. Another plus of this system is that carbon build-up on injectors will be a thing of the past as D4-S now has a self-cleaning feature. The Toyota D4-S Injection system has many benefits that contribute to a greener and cleaner environment.



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