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Honda Accord Hybrid 2017 More Thoughts. | Canadian Car Reviews | Driving Television

Honda Accord Hybrid 2017 More Thoughts.

22 Feb Honda Accord Hybrid 2017 More Thoughts.

By Lacey Elliott

This 2017 Honda Hybrid has a unique way to get the power to the front wheels.  The system has the ability to run on pure EV mode at low speed but the traditional hybrid mode is different. The electric motor alone powers the front wheels, as the gasoline engine is decoupled from the drive wheels. If more electricity is needed the gasoline engine acts as a generator, which in turn provides power to the battery pack.

If you are drving at medium to high speeds, the gasoline engine provides power through a clutch that connects the engine and electric drive motor, sending power directly from the engine to the wheels that are actually driving.   The system, when needed, like quicacceleration for example, the electric motor and the gasoline engine will both provide power to the wheels.

Think of it like this: pure electric, electric with the gasoline engine as a generator or both the electric motor and gasoline engine powering the front wheels directly.  This is information that is good to know but won’t really effect how you drive.  The system switches smoothly so all you have to focus on is your destination and enjoy the drive.

An E-CVT (e-continuously variable transmission) is the only transmission available on either of the two trim levels available; the base hybrid or the Touring trim.

Of course – the main reason people look at purchasing any hybrid is fuel econmy. This Accord is rated at  4.9L/100km in the city and 5.1L on the highway.  With this Accord Hybrid you save on fuel and you also get a sedan that drives like a dream.  A solid feeling on the road at any speed and responsive handling in all driving situations.   It is quiet on heavy acceleration and smooth over all kinds of roads.  It drives like a luxuary car without the luxary price tag.

The base Hybrid Accord starts at $31,300 and the Touring starts at $37,400.


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