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Honda Accord Hybrid 2017 First Glance | Canadian Car Reviews | Driving Television

Honda Accord Hybrid 2017 First Glance

20 Feb Honda Accord Hybrid 2017 First Glance

By Lacey Elliott

Toyota has done an amazing job building a hybrid reputation, but there is a Japanese rival that also wants you to think about them.  The all new 2018 Honda Accord recenlty won the ‘Car of the Year’ award.  Why not think of Honda if you are looking at a hybird vehicle in the future?

 The second generation Accord Hybrid arrives with an updated look that has an upscale approach that many sedan buyers will fall in love with. The Hybrid is avilible with two trims, the base gets projector headlamps the top touring adds LED headlamps to go along with standard LED fog lights and taillights. No matter what you chose, this is a handsome looking sedan.

The 17inch alloy wheels not only look great but they help with aerodynamics to also improve fuel economy. Every little detail can make s difference.

Honda has made the battery pack smaller, so it steals less space from the trunk.  It isn’t as tidy a setup as some other hybrids that stow the battery under the back seat. The seats still split 60/40 so a trip to IKEA is not off the table.  The front seats offer a nice feeling of support.  The rear seats feel spacious, even for adults.

The interior receives some small updates as well. The overall fit and finish is top notch.  The layout and design really rivals some of the more expensive brands on the road today. The lower screen is a new 7-inch touch screen that is more responsive than the last model. The upper 7.7-inch display screen can display audio settings, turn-by-turn directions or from Android Auto or Apple CarPlay navi apps. It can also show LaneWatch and Rearview Camera displays, incoming calls, text messages, and parking sensor alerts. Many features that make the drive more comfortable and more safe.

The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid starts at just over $31,000 and the Touring is an additional $6,000.


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