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Honda - Blue Skies for Our Children Part 2 | Canadian Car Reviews | Driving Television

Honda – Blue Skies for Our Children Part 2

26 Dec Honda – Blue Skies for Our Children Part 2

Greener is better has always been the driving force behind Honda. In 1972, to reduce engine emissions, Honda announced CVCC, Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion, the first engine technology of its kind that met the U.S. Clean Air Act standards without requiring a catalytic converter. The 1975 Civic CVCC was the first car to comply with the U.S. Clean Air Act via engine performance. The Civic has since gone on to become the best selling passenger car in Canada for 20 consecutive years. In 1999 Honda introduced the Honda Insight, the first gas-electric hybrid vehicle in North America. The design maximized fuel efficiency and reduced emissions and paved the way for the mass adoption of hybrids. The company has committed to reduce green house gas emissions in their products by 30% by 2020 compared to the year 2000 levels. They continue to demonstrate that they care about the environment today so that we can have blue skies for our children tomorrow.



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