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Krown Rust Control | Canadian Car Reviews | Driving Television

Krown Rust Control

28 Jun Krown Rust Control

Rust is a car’s worst enemy and Canada’s number one rust protection brand is a superior product that has been tested against high humidity, exposure to corrosive road salt, and abrasion from road dirt and debris. Krown Rust Control has developed a product that is body maintenance for your car and at the Krown protection centres, their trained technicians apply the product which penetrates and protects all the vehicle body cavities.  Krown Rust Protection & Lubricant is also available in cans which you may use to spray inside wheel wells or any area of your car where moisture will settle and create corrosion. The product provides a protective barrier against rust and it may also be used on other items around your home and garage such as hinges, locks, lawn mowers, snow blowers.  These are just a few examples where the mechanical parts of machinery would benefit from rust protection. This advanced technology not only protects in extreme conditions, it will extend the life of your vehicle thereby saving you money.


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