Nissan and BOATsmart!

20 Feb Nissan and BOATsmart!


Boating season will soon be here and getting your boat to the water will be a breeze thanks to the towing capabilities of some Nissan vehicles. Lacey tried the Pathfinder, a great family vehicle and was amazed that it towed a boat about 20 ft long and just under 4000 lbs. The Armada, Nissan’s full-size SUV can do even more and has the ability of towing up to 8500 lbs. But before you start towing, remember it’s always safety first. Nissan Canada has teamed up with BOATsmart!, North America’s Safe Boating Educator, to promote boating safety across the country. From tips on safely attaching your boat to your vehicle, to obtaining your boating license, Nissan and BOATsmart! will be connecting with Canadians to ensure they have a great time on the water.



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