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The Green Road – Toyota Prius AWD-e | Canadian Car Reviews | Driving Television

The Green Road – Toyota Prius AWD-e

20 Feb The Green Road – Toyota Prius AWD-e

All-wheel drive brings peace of mind to a lot and Toyota is supplying this traction when you need it via All Wheel Drive – Electric (AWD-e). Breaking new ground with the Prius, AWD-e uses a small motor that will power the rear wheels using only electricity. When more traction is needed to get things moving, it provides instant torque to the rear wheels.  The motor will provide power for the extra traction up to 70 km/h after which it will disengage and the car will operate as a front-wheel-drive thereby maximizing fuel efficiency. When you need a little extra , AWD-e will let you get a grip so that you can be on your way.

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