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Tips for buying a family vehicle | Canadian Car Reviews | Driving Television

Tips for buying a family vehicle

25 May Tips for buying a family vehicle

There are a lot of choices for family vehicles and when making your selection, there are a few things you should consider. To protect your precious cargo, safety is a top priority. Check the manufacturer’s website to see what’s available as high tech features are becoming more common.  Bring your stroller along for the test drive. This way you’ll know how easy or difficult it is to get it in and out of the vehicle.  New cars are equipped with ISOFIX which ensures that compliant child safety seats are secured quickly and safely. Be sure to check if pre-owned models have this feature. While sporty two-doors are sleek and stylish, consider getting your little one in and out as well as strapping them in while hunched over or, the efforts of an elderly member of the family getting in and out. Comfort should also be on your list and depending on where you live, air-conditioning may be of importance. Ease of use is a consideration and keyless entry and a power liftgate would come in handy.  Depending on your needs, an easy-to-access cabin with sliding doors as well as lots of cargo room may be a priority. While price, fuel economy, versatility, ease of use and extra warranties are also factors in your decision, there are a lot of choices out there that will meet your unique demands.








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