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Toyota CHR 2018 More Thoughts. | Canadian Car Reviews | Driving Television

Toyota CHR 2018 More Thoughts.

16 Feb Toyota CHR 2018 More Thoughts.

By Lacey Elliott

The interior of this Toyota CHR is exceptional.   The layout and design look and feel top notch.  It is obvious that Toyota put a lot of energy into this interior.   Piano black, soft touch points and a variety of other fabrics thought out all look very tasteful.    All buttons, knobs and controls can be easily reached and seen by the driver.  The shinny Piano Black finish does collect dust and finger prints more than other finishes but when clean, it looks sharp.

Consumers have been complaining about the lack of connectivity. In this market, it is odd,  but this Toyota CHR lacks Apple CarPlay and android auto.  It is also lacking satellite radio and navigations.   I don’t see what the big deal is.  The GenXers don’t need them.  Now a days, most people have a carrier for their smart phones to use their own navigation and they are streaming their own music.   I think we will be seeing less and less of these items in our cars as we become more dependent on our smart phones.

The CHR does have less cargo space on paper than the competiton.  Because of the steeply inclined rear hatch, you loose some height when stacking things.  That being said, the seats split 60/40 and I had more than enough room for Jaspers kennel, a huge costco run had room to spare.  Unless you regularly carry a lot of gear and passengers, what the CHR offers is good enough for the occasions when just need a bit of extra space.

Just 2 trims to choose from, the XL and the XLE Premium.  The premium is worth the addtional $1500.  It gives you larger 18inch wheels, push button start, power folding puddle lamps and smart key system.

This crossover has impressed both myself and Zack – it’s a tough market when compared to vehicls like the  Honda HRV and Nissan Qashqai. The biggest complaint for me, and for most of our followers that got involved with our conversations on social media – is the lack of AWD.


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