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Toyota CHR 2018 First Glance | Canadian Car Reviews | Driving Television

Toyota CHR 2018 First Glance

09 Feb Toyota CHR 2018 First Glance

By Lacey Elliott

Small utility type vehicles are all the rage these days. In fact, more and more people are buying SUVs over sedans. Canadians are looking for something that offers usable, functional space yet it is smaller.  This makes it easier to maneuver and of cours, more fuel efficient.

I recently spent a week with the  Toyota CHR  had an opportunity to put it through the paces of my every day life.  Work, shopping, groceries and even a girls night out as designated driver.

Styling is unique.  The overal diamond inspired design is like nothing else on the road.  It’s sharp angles and strong lines make it stand out when compared to its competiton.  The Nissan quashiqai and Honda HRV for example.  The silhouettes is undeniably  a crossover but its funky design  puts it on my list of faves just based on its looks.

With its unique design the Toyota CHR got a lot of attention.  Several people even took the time to ask what it was when I parked it or was filling up with gas.  People like me who put a lot of value in how their vehicles looks will also appreciate the available 2 tone color scheme. Another feature that alows you to have something that looks different.   After posting lots of pictures and videos on our social media channels- people seemed to either love or hate the look of this CHR.  No real middle ground seemed to pop up.  I personally love the placement of rear door handle.  It is another uncommon design cue.  I think that small kids might stuggle to reach it though.

Zack had a lot of fun with the CHR on a road circuit – to see his full review you can check it out on our website. Driving television.com Check back next week for more of my thoughts after livening with  Toyota CHR for a week.


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